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Why Should You Take Singing Lessons With the London Music Institute?

Imagine you can flawlessly sing song after song using your voice like a star with poise and confidence…

Just for a second visualise your success as all fears are removed from your mind AND, FINALLY, you can sing the songs you love with passion, enthusiasm and joy!

At the London Music Institute, you can be assured of learning the correct technique, style and methods with out-of-this world vocal teachers who GENUINELY cares about your vocal progress!

5 reasons

Singing anatomy


    1. WE SPECIALISE IN HELPING ADULTS learn how to sing EVEN if they’ve never had any prior vocal lessons. We are masters at calming the nerves and will always make you feel right at home! We don’t teach children, and we’ve got regular student concerts where you can meet other ‘like-minded’ students in a formidable setting. If you feel comfortable enough, you can even perform a song or two… (ONLY if YOU feel ready!)
    2. NERVOUS BEGINNERS are welcomed with arms wide open! Most vocal coaches don’t like teaching beginners and they simply do not have the patience to take the time to teach beginners with LOVE! It is our mission to teach you with passion and genuinely care for your vocal development and progress!
    3. WE GENUINELY take responsibility for your vocal development!Yes, we expect you to practice, even if it’s only 15 minutes a day, but after doing your part, we take responsibility as instructors to coach and train you, by using the best methods possible.Your vocal success and progress is our success! We promise you that you won’t be disappointed! 
    4. You will learn the SECRETS OF SINGING! After a few months of studying with us, you will understand SO MUCH more about how the voice work, how to breathe correctly, how to phrase, how to sing high notes with little or no strain and just how to sing! When you first start to sing, your voice may seem mysterious, and you may even feel like you just don’t have the talent or the ability for this.Well, nothing could be further from the truth…Very few famous singers were born ‘Natural Singers’. Most got there by applying themselves, working very hard, and over YEARS AND YEARS  developed a stunning voice that we all love!Elton John, Billy Joel, Paul McCartney, Amy Winehouse, Ella Fitzgerald all went through years arduous vocal training in order to become the singer they’ve always wanted to be! Guess what – YOU CAN SING! You just need great training and proper instruction and you will become the songbird that you’ve always dreamt to be!
    5. We are conveniently located LITERALLY 5 minutes from Chancery Lane station in the City of London. Having a super convenient location makes it so much easier for you to attend your weekly vocal instruction.We are right on the doorstep of the City! You can now easily take City lunchtime singing lessons to improve and develop your voice. If you want to attend from outside of London, what could be easier than catching a train to Liverpool Street station and walking 5 minutes to your personal and private vocal lesson!


The Biggest Secret – TAKING ACTION:

Well that’s our five reasons why you should take singing lessons with us!

We would like to point out that the MOST IMPORTANT REASON TO START NOW IS TO FULFILL YOUR DREAMS AND DESIRES. So many people go through life without achieving what they set out to achieve. People settle for second best. You do not need to settle for second best! You can become the singer that you’ve always dreamt to be.

Just take the first step forward and join a class today DO NOT DELAY!…

Don’t Delay – Make Contact with Us Today – Start Singing Your Favourite Songs Tomorrow!


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