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Why a great singer is not always a great vocal teacher!

A great singer might not be a great teacher.

There are many out-of-this-world musicians and singers who are unbelievable performers of their craft!

A great performer is not necessarily a great teacher. A lot of master performers do not have the patience to teach beginners.

An amazing world famous vocalist, such as Robbie Williams, is simply too busy and unless you’re going to pay him £5000-£10,000 an hour, he’s probably not going to teach you how to sing! (His time is simply too valuable!)

You see, there’s a world of difference between a performer and a teacher. Sometimes you do get a performer who is also a great teacher. This is usually the exception to the rule!

You must make sure that your singing teacher is truly a great vocal teacher!

He or she should be the patient with you and make EVERY EFFORT to make learning easy for you! (As it is not always easy…)

They should truly make an enormous effort during the lessons to convey important vocal concepts to you. Your vocal coach should also be able to explain the mysteries of the voice to you. He or she should be able to explain to you in details how your vocal apparatus works!

He or she should also be able to demonstrate great singing to you!

A great singing teacher should also be a great motivator, a coach, a mentor, a friend and a guide!

Make sure you get a great voice teacher and not a great performer as your teacher! (although at times the two will meet!)

Why You Deserve a Great Vocal Coach

  • You deserve it because you are passionate about wanting to learn!
  • You deserve it because you’re sick and tired of hearing negative comments about your voice!
  • You deserve it because your valuable and special person!
  • You deserve it because you’ve worked hard all your life and you need to do something for yourself!
  • You deserve it because your voice is desperate to start singing!
  • You deserve it because now is the time!!!
  • You deserve it because you believe that you can do it!


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