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Songwriting Lessons London – How to Write A Song

Writing a good song is not as daunting as you may think!

Yes, you need to know a few things to get started, but it’s a lot more about JUST writing than technique only!

While writing a hit song may require considerable knowledge and understanding of tension, release and commercial aspects, writing your
own songs for fun needn’t be too hard!

You do need to know chord progressions, understanding of harmony and how to work with words!

Here are some vital concepts that will work on during your songwriting lessons in London:

  • The diatonic system
  • Transposing keys
  • Using timbre and effects
  • Using a ‘catch’ that is prominent in most hit songs!
  • Famous chord progressions
  • Analysis of the Beatles work – ‘the singing/songwriting geniuses at work…’
  • The structure and form of lyrics
  • How to find inspiration!
  • How to become an action-oriented person!
  • How to increase financially using your music talents!
  • Understanding melodies
  • Analysing melodies
  • How to create a basic website for yourself!
  • How to market your website!
  • How to network with others!
  • General business advice to help you as a musician

Master musician Stefan Joubert will help you develop as a songwriter and motivate and inspire you to greatness!

If you really want to become a top-notch artist, you need a mentor to guide you – Stefan will take you from mediocrity to greatness and help you with basic business advice regarding your music career!

If you’re an adult who wants to learn how to write songs for your pleasure, we welcome with open arms. Stefan is an extremely patient & friendly teacher.

He always looks for ways to inspire you…

He genuinely believes that you can become the best that you can be! (and beyond)

Get started with songwriting lessons today and write that first hit song!


Once-off registration fee of £125 is required before starting your songwriting course in London

  • £75 per hour (one-to-one songwriting session with Stefan Joubert)
  • £40 per 30 minutes ( one-to-one songwriting session Stefan Joubert)
  • Lessons take place weekly
  • 4 Lessons are provide each month.
  • In case you can’t attend the class, a correspondence lesson will be provided if 72 hours notice have been received. This is limited to 2 lessons each and every 12 weeks.
  • In case your instructor (Stefan Joubert), cannot attend a class (rare), the lesson will be substituted by correspondence lesson, group session or masterclass. If it is a group session or a masterclass, the lesson provided may be a piano, a singing or guitar lesson that will be extremely beneficial for your songwriting success!
  • No rescheduling of lessons will be allowed.
  • Once you’ve booked your course, (and after the legal seven-day cooling off period for long-distance telephone bookings), no refund will be provided.
  • Payment works monthly in advance.
  • One months notice is required if you want to stop your course.
Why Should You Book Your Lessons with Stefan Joubert:
“I aim to provide the highest quality music lessons in Europe. I genuinely care for all my students! I focus on motivating you and inspiring you. I understand how to get you from mediocrity to greatness. Spend a year, two or three with me, and I will change your musicality drastically and make a massive life changing impact in your musical development! Why? – because I GENUINELY care for your success, I know the secrets of music and I honestly want you to succeed!” – Stefan Joubert