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Singing Lessons in EC3 – City Singing Lessons EC3 – Singing Lessons for Adults

Are you searching for adult singing lessons in EC3 City of London area?

We offer top-notch singing lessons near EC3 close to the Spitalfields market.

You can finally make your singing dreams a reality by signing up for singing lessons with us. We offer lunchtime as well as evening singing lessons in the City of London near EC3.

Do you think you’ll never be able to sing properly?

We’ve got news for you, you are wrong… Anybody and we mean absolutely anybody can learn how to sing.

Singing is a bit like learning how to drive a car. You need to know the rules of the road and of the vehicle in order to be a successful driver.

To be a successful singer, (even for your own pleasure) you need to know the rules of the voice.

There are certain rules that governs your vocals. When singing high notes, you need to feel the note “low” down and not high otherwise you will most certainly strain your voice. Breathing is the heartbeat of singing. You need to know how to breathe properly – with your diaphragm and not chest!

You need to know how to perform in front of an audience – even if it’s just your colleagues in the City.

You may think that you’ve got a horrendous voice, but we don’t believe that!

Even if you sing completely out of tune, we will help you to reach the correct pitch over time!


You are quite capable of singing!

Believe us, it’s been proven by the world’s most famous singers that vocals is all about science and practice!

We will help you reach your vocal dreams!

We don’t promise to make you the best singer in the world (unless you want to become that AND more importantly you’re willing to put in the time necessary to become the greatest singers…) but we promise to bring out a great voice within!

Get in touch with us today for singing lessons near EC3.

The singing lessons take place in a stunning premises overlooking the City of London. You can see all the famous landmark from there – including the Shard, Tower 42, The Heron Tower and other famous buildings!

Don’t delay as we have VERY LIMITED availability! (once we are fully booked, you will have to join our waiting list!)