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Singing Lessons E1 – Vocal Lessons in E1 – Singing Classes in E1

Massively develop your voice, and get proper training in our vocal lessons in City of London E1 and Shoreditch E1,E2.

Develop key aspect of your voice and important technique such as:

  • Breath management
  • Understanding of your ranges
  • Understanding how to belt
  • How to develop your falsetto
  • Microphone technique
  • How to sing high notes without straining
  • Performing in front of an audience

At the London music Institute, you will be able to perfect all of that and so much more…

Learning how to use your voice properly is an asset that no one can takes away from!

You will become a far better communicator, you’ll gain more friends and have a LOT more fun!

The voice is the king of instruments – if you can sing you can COMMAND the stage…

Think about FREDDIE MERCURY – he was a master at controlling and persuading the audience – he had a lot of fun on stage and everyone looked at him!

If you start singing in developing voice, you can also have fun just like Freddie Mercury had! (singing is always a joy!)

You can also perform at our exclusive, prestigious and private student concerts! – specifically designed with you in mind!

SO – Why should you select us over anyone else available? (GOOD QUESTION!) -WELL!!! – We will motivate and inspire you, and never judge you, we will bring out your voice and help you discover your SECRET hidden talent !

There is only one irksome issue…

We can only cater for a few… (we are serious about this – we offer private but very exclusive music tuition for adults)

So get in touch today to avoid obvious disappointment, and get your dream voice developed and trained to become the best singer you can possibly be!