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The Highest Quality Piano Lessons in London – 5 Minutes from Chancery Lane or in Mayfair

Are you looking for the best piano lessons in London?

The London Piano Institute provides the highest level of piano tuition in London.

Classes take place in EC4, only 5 min from Chancery Lane Station or in Mayfair W1.

Why should you learn the piano with us?

– You will receive instruction from a concert pianist/master teacher
– You will benefit from regular student concerts (hosted on a quarterly basis)
– You will receive the highest level of piano education in London for adults
– You will meet like-minded people who loves playing the piano!
– You will increase your popularity (Your friends will ask you to play their favourite song!)
– You will benefit from an extremely conveniently location making it easy for you to learn!
– You will learn NEVER-SEEN-BEFORE “PIANO SECRETS” from extremely patient teachers
– You will FINALLY make your piano dreams come true!
– You will learn how to play the piano with world-class methods of piano technique (Methods devised by Chopin, Liszt and other RENOWNED masters of the pianoforte technique!)

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The London Piano Institute Specialises in the Following:

  • Teaching adults who have never played the piano before
  • Teaching adults who feel they are not talented
  • Teaching adults who are nervous about learning the piano
  • Teaching adults who have reached a peak in their piano playing
  • Teaching adults who feel that they are too old
  • Teaching adults who believe they are tone deaf
  • Teaching adults who are very advanced in their piano playing and are looking for more…
  • Teaching adults who are sick of being at an intermediate level and want to SERIOUSLY improve
  • Teaching adults who used to play the piano in their youth

We Teach the following piano styles at the London Piano Institute:

  • Classical Piano
  • Romantic Piano
  • Baroque Piano
  • Modern Piano
  • Jazz Piano
  • Blues/Rock Piano
  • Popular Piano