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London Singing Lessons

London Singing Lessons for Adults!

As an adult you need training that suits your UNIQUE personality and voice profile!

At the London Music Institute we specialise in teaching adults who’ve always wanted to learn how to sing.

Would ideally located only 5 minutes from Liverpool Street station, and depending on where you work, perhaps even closer to your office.

The primary reason why you want to study with us, is the fact that we understand you’re doing this for your own pleasure! Our vocal teachers are not there to force you to learn faster than you can. We all understand that you are very busy with work and that this is a pastime pleasure.

It essential to know that you will never make you feel uncomfortable and never scream at you! We are extremely patient and always ensure your best needs are met.

What’s exciting is the fact that we host student events once a quarter – you can meet other like-minded singers and develop your voice to a greater extent!

Get in touch today for your first London singing lesson!