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How To Sing – Posture & Breathing

Breathe Management:

Excellent breathing is paramount for singing!

Using your diaphragm properly is absolutely essential if you have hopes of becoming the singer you’ve always wanted to become!

You need to expand your lower ribs and stomach and not shallow breathe as this causes tension and make it difficult to sing properly!


REMEMBER: Singing is just air passing through your vocal cords!

TIP OF THE DAY: Expand your lower ribs and stomach to create a consistent tone and air flow!


Proper posture will ensure you give your notes the absolute BEST chance of getting the best tone possible!

Posture tip of the day: Stand on the tip of your toes and come back down, your posture should now be ready for you to start singing properly!

The final goal of posture is to help you to reach notes FREELY & EASILY!