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Blues Singing Lessons London

Do you absolutely love the sound of the blues?

Do you love the sound of Howlin Wolf, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Etta James, Blind Willie Johnson, Robert Johnson, Willie Dixon, Billy Holiday, B.B. King?

Learning to sing the blues is an amazing endeavour! This AWESOME style is filled with so much inflection, emotion and soul that a great blues singer can cause people to cry when he or she performs live!

Learning to sing the blues with the London Music Institute is just the PERFECT IDEA!

  • FIRSTLY, You’ve gotta understand the soul and “touch” of blues!
  • SECONDLY, You’ve REALLY GOTTA know the structure of the 12 bar blues… (inside out!!!)
  • THIRDLY, You’ve gotta know the tips and tricks of the blues… Howling, Growling, Breathy Singing and Just Singing Those BLUES NOTES MAN!

You can expect to learn: phrasing, breathing, singing the blues scale, scatting and loads of tricks and tips!

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