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Bass Lessons London – Bass Lessons For Beginners London

Have you always wanted to learn how to play the bass guitar?

Are you fascinated with the role of timekeeping and laying down the foundations of a band?

Sure, the bass guitar is maybe not the Ferrari of the band… But it is without doubt a crucial instrument.

You can always have a rock ‘n’ roll/jazz/blues/funk band without a guitarists (a pianists can replace the guitarist… Yes even in rock ‘n’ roll – think Elton John), but you will never do without the bass guitarist!

If you wanna learn the following on bass guitar:

  • Funk bass
  • Blues bass
  • Jazz bass
  • Rock ‘n’ roll bass
  • Metal bass
  • Speed metal bass

-> Then you’re in the right place to learn bass guitar in London!

Learn the secret of successful bass playing with a top-notch teacher in the City of London.
UNLEASH your passion and finally become good you’ve always wanted to be – be the bass player you’ve wanted to be!
With the limited space available, it is imperative that you contact us today for your first bass lesson in London!



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