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Yes, You Can Sing – Just Take a Look into the Mirror! – Awake The Lion Within!

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Have you ever felt that you just can’t sing?

Perhaps you’ve heard many negative words spoken by siblings, parents, in-laws and friends. Perhaps they have criticised your unique voice.

Do you know what?

It’s time to look into the mirror and see the singer you are!
I’ll tell you the truth – 95% of today’s superstars were once not the great singers they are today.

Sure, some of them were born with ‘natural voice’ (there’s actually no such thing – but that’s a long book for later..), however the majority had to do what you must do!

They worked very hard on their voice to produce a marvellous stone!

Doing this by yourself is almost impossible. (Especially as this is only a part-time pleasurable activity for you)

You simply need great vocal instruction! – going without it is fool hardy!

So looking into the mirror and tell yourself: “I’m a great singer, I’ve got a stunning voice, and I will sing my favourite songs with confidence and style. I fully reject all past negative comments about my voice. I realise they’ve been made by individuals who are ignorant about the art of vocal success.”

“From this day forward I will strain and apply myself and SERIOUSLY develop my voice. Yes, I will FINALLY become the singer I’ve dreamt to be!”

What’s the next step?

Get a great vocal coach and invest (Yes – invest!) at least one or two years of great vocal coaching into your voice.

It might cost you around +-£7000 (24 Months of Lessons) but you’ll have a golden voice that will bring you a lifetime of pleasure!

It’s a very prudent investment and you will never regret having spent your money in such a wise manner!

WOW this seems expensive???

The best return? Singing or Mexico or both! - You DECIDE!

No, it’s not!

Let’s put things in perspective!

What does a basic holiday in Mexico for two cost? Probably around £2500.

What does a premium holiday in Mexico cost? probably around £5000

It’s important to realise that I’m not talking about super luxurious rock star Richard Branson holidays here. Just basic 3 star or 5 star 14 day breaks. (The ones that we all have!)

Over a 50 year period your singing lessons will ONLY COST you around £1.75 per week… * That puts things in perspective! While a nice holiday per year (added together over 50 years) could COST you: £125,000… Long gone and forgotten!

Investing A MERE £1.75 per week into your voice is absolutely nothing if you compare the RESULTS and pleasure that singing will bring you over your entire lifetime! A nice foreign holiday will soon be forgotten! (after all, you’ll book new Holidays…)

Your singing however on the other hand will stay with you forever. In decades to come you will think back upon the wisdom you’ve received from instructor. A great instructor should show you how to practice by yourself. After a couple of years of singing lessons, you should be able to develop your voice largely by yourself.

Now go out and get some proper training – you’ll be glad you did it!

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Stefan Joubert is one of the world's most renowned guitarists. He is also a great rock singer having recorded his own grunge rock album at the age of 22 called "Megalorealist". He is well known for his touch guitar techniques. He is also a master instructor and currently accepting students into his guitar, piano, singing and bass classes.

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