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Advanced Bass Lessons for Adults working in the City of London

Victor Wooten

Master bass player Victor Wooten revolutionised bass playing forever!

Congratulations on reaching this level of bass expertise!

You have now successfully negotiated many obstacles, and consequently you are ready to put your bass playing on fire!

As a bass player, we often deal with single notes. A lot of bass players have a severe lack of harmonic understanding.

Although you can probably negate your way around chord changes quite easily, you are probably a little lost at sea when it comes to harmonic analysis.

So we will definitely take a look at your harmonic and theoretical understanding of bass and music!

Another Achilles heel you might have is technique!

Your technique might be formidable, but is it virtuostic?

One of the primary goals we will have when working with you as an advanced bass player is to DRASTICALLY increase your speed to a tremendous level.

You will also increase your dexterity and your understanding of right and left hand bass guitar technique!

How is your bass improvisation?

We will differently work on your improvisational skills to turn you into the bass player that you’ve always wanted to be!

How well do you adapt to different styles of music?

Working at enhancing your stylistic abilities is one of the things we will work at!


That’s just a few of the many things we will work on when taking your bass guitar playing to a top-notch level! (even if it’s for your own pleasure! – hey, why not be the best you can be?)



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