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Master Musician Stefan Joubert

The London Music Institute was founded by world renowned multi-instrumentalist Stefan Joubert who has a passion for helping adults reach their musical dreams!

Located in the City of London, The London Music Institute has been setup as “the place to learn how to play music for adults in Europe”.

Founded by master musician Stefan Joubert, it’s specifically designed to help you learn music in the quickest, most efficient manner possible.

It’s designed to help you avoid the costly (in terms of your time and money) process of “trial and error” music lessons where you might learn something good or just might not!

It’s also designed for lovers of music in general. All levels are welcome, all ages – as long as you are passionate about music!

It is a rare privilege to have the opportunity to study with master musicians in London. Most concert musicians dedicated their time to teaching professionals only.

At the London Music Institute we have decided to take a different approach viz-a-viz providing expert music lessons to the amateur. Specifically the adult amateur musician who wants to seriously increase his or her musical skills!

We therefore urge you, to join a course today and reap the benefits from this extraordinary opportunity that will make a massive difference to your music playing forever!



  • Absolute beginners who want to avoid wasting their money and time on bad music education
  • Intermediate players looking to improve their playing
  • Advanced musicians who’s looking for that edge in their own playing. That little extra push that will make turn you from being a good musician into an excellent one!
  • The best music tuition in London
  • Personal motivation to help your state of mind (80% of music playing is about your motivation level)
  • Fast improvement (in comparison with other lessons)
  • Social events where you can perform or listen to others perform
  • Just TOP-NOTCH music tuition in London!
  • Classical music
  • Jazz music
  • Blues music
  • Rock music
  • Popular music
  • Most modern styles


Learning how to play an instrument or developing your voice with us, is one of the most rewarding endeavours that you can do for yourself!

Spending hours working for your future is rewarding in itself, but you need a creative outlet!

That’s exactly why we exist!

We are specifically designed with you in mind – that’s exactly why we offer quarterly concerts, student evenings and just the best quality music tuition in London for adults!

You can meet like-minded friends of music and discover an exquisite beauty – the beauty of music!

We would love to meet you, and teach you the art of music – piano, guitar, singing, drums and bass!

It is vital that you do not listen to criticism – YOU CAN LEARN HOW TO PLAY MUSIC – YOU CAN LEARN HOW TO SING…

That’s exactly what you need to come to us – we will prove that you’ve got hidden talent!

» We are dedicated to you as an adult learner!

» We will always be patient with you and promise the highest quality music tuition in London for adults!

» We’ve got Limited Space so get in touch today!